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Early Cancer Institute

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Below is a list of selected publications from members of the Early Cancer Institute. For further information on publications by specific Institute researchers, please view their personal profiles.

Extrachromosomal DNA in the cancerous transformation of Barrett’s oesophagus

Luebeck J, Ng AWT, Galipeau PC, Li X, Sanchez CA, Katz-Summercord AC, Kim H, Jammula S, He Y, Lippman SM, Verhaak RGW, Maley CC, Alexandrov LB, Reid BJ, Fitzgerald RC, Paulson TG, Chang HY, Wu S, Bafna V, Mischel PS.

Nature 616, 798–805 (2023).

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Senescence-induced endothelial phenotypes underpin immune-mediated senescence surveillance

Yin K, Patten D, Gough S, de Barros Gonçalves S, Chan A, Olan I, Cassidy L, Poblocka M, Zhu H, Lun A, Schuijs M, Young A, Martinez-Jimenez C, Halim T, Shetty S, Narita M*, Hoare M* * Co-corresponding authors

Genes and Development, 2022, 36(9-10):533-549. May 1; 36(9-10):533-549.

Substitution mutational signatures in whole-genome–sequenced cancers in the UK population

Degasperi A, Zou X, Dias Amarante T, Martinez-Martinez A, Koh GCC, Dias JML, Heskin L, Chmelova L, Rinaldi G, Wang VYW, Nanda AS, Bernstein A, Momen SE, Young J, Perez-Gil D, Memari Y, Badja C, Shooter S, Czarnecki J, Brown MA, Davies HR, Nik-Zainal S.

Science, 22 Apr 2022. Vol 376, Issue 6591. 

Activatable senoprobes and senolytics: Novel strategies to detect and target senescent cells

Morsli S, Doherty GJ, Muñoz-Espín D

Mech Ageing Dev. 2022 Mar;202:111618.

The evolutionary dynamics and fitness landscape of clonal hematopoiesis

Watson CJ, Papula AL, Poon GYP, Wong WH, Young AL, Druley TE

Science 367 (6485), 1449-1454.

Use of a Cytosponge biomarker panel to prioritise endoscopic Barrett’s oesophagus surveillance: a crosssectional study followed by a real-world prospective pilot

Pilonis ND, Killcoyne S, Tan WK, O’Donovan M, Malhotra S, Tripathi M, Miremadi A, Debiram-Beecham I, Evans T, Phillips R, Morris DL, Vickery C, Harrison J, di Pietro M, Ortiz-Fernandez-Sordo J, Haidry R, Kerridge A, Sasieni PD, Fitzgerald RC

Lancet Oncology 2022, 23:270-78.

Cellular senescence in cancer: from mechanisms to detection

Ou HL, Hoffmann R, González-López C, Doherty GJ, Korkola JE, Muñoz-Espín D

Genes and Development, 2022, 36(9-10):533-549.

Resolving the immune landscape of human prostate at a single-cell level in health and cancer

Tuong ZK, Loudon KW, Berry B, Richoz N, Jones J, Tan X, Nguyen Q, George A, Hori S, Field S, Lynch AG, Kania K, Coupland P, Babbage A, Grenfell R, Barrett T, Warren AY, Gnanapragasam V, Massie C, Clatworthy MR

Cell Rep. 2021;37(12):110132.

Convergent somatic mutations in effectors of insulin signalling in chronic liver disease

Ng SWK, Rouhani FJ, Brunner SF, Brzozowska N, Aitken SJ, Yang M, Abascal F, Moore L, Nikitopoulou E, Chappell L, Leongamornlert D, Ivovic A, Robinson P, Butler T, Sanders A, Williams N, Coorens THH, Teague J, Raine K, Butler AP, Hooks Y, Wilson B, Birtchnell N, Naylor H, Davies SE, Stratton MR, Martincorena I, Rahbari R, Frezza C, Hoare M*, Campbell PJ*

* Co-corresponding authors

Nature, 2021, 598 (7881) 473-478.


Molecular phenotyping reveals the identity of Barrett’s esophagus and its malignant transition

Nowicki-Osuch K,  Zhuang J, Jammula S, Vleaney CW, Mahbubani KT, Devonshire G, Katz-Summercorn A, Eliing N, Wilbrey-Clark A, Madissoon E, Gamble J, Di Pietro M, O’Donovan M, Meyer KB, Saeb-Parsey K, Sharrocks A, Teichmann SA, Marioni JC, Fitzgerald RC

Science2021 373; 760-767.

Triage-driven diagnosis of Barrett’s esophagus for early detection of esophageal adenocarcinoma using deep learning

Gehrung M, Crispin-Ortuzar M, Berman AG, O’Donovan M, Fitzgerald RC, Markowetz F

Nat Med, 2021 May;27(5):833-841. 


Cellular senescence in cancer: from mechanisms to detection

Ou HL, Hoffmann R, González-López C, Doherty GJ, Korkola JE, Muñoz-Espín D

Mol Oncol. 2021 Oct;15(10):2634-2671.

COX2 regulates senescence secretome composition and senescence surveillance through PGE 2

Gonçalves S, Yin K, Ito Y, Chan A, Olan I, Gough S, Cassidy L, Serrao E, Smith S, Young A, Narita M, Hoare M.

Cell Rep 2021 Mar 16;34(11):108860.

Genomic copy number predicts esophageal cancer years before transformation

Killcoyne S, Gregson E, Wedge DC, Woodcock DJ, Eldridge MD, de la Rue R, Miremadi A, Abbas S, Blasko A, Kosmidou C, Januszewicz W, Jenkins AV, Gerstung M, Fitzgerald RC

Nat Med, vol.26, pages1726–1732, 2020 Sep 7.