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Early Cancer Institute

A member of the Munoz-Espin Research Group in the Lab with a pipette

Earlier detection of cancer, before it has had a chance to spread, is crucial to improving patient survival. Our vision at the Early Cancer Institute is a world where people no longer fear cancer. Our work is pioneering a new paradigm in which we detect cancer early enough to cure it. Our key research objectives are:

  • Risk prediction
  • Detection of early cancers
  • Interception to prevent lethal cancer developing

The Early Cancer Institute is currently home to nine research groups performing ground-breaking work to understand how cancer develops and to inform novel clinical tests and interceptions to prevent cancer from developing.

Research Groups

There are many researchers in Cambridge and beyond working in all aspects of early detection research and we are proud to say that our highly multidisciplinary Institute is engaged with many of them. Find out more about the groups based in the Early Cancer Institute.

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Research Projects

The Early Cancer Institute funds a number of projects ranging from basic and translational science to the societal impact of early cancer detection.

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ACED Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is part of the International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED), a science-led collaboration which unites world-leading researchers to tackle the biggest challenges in the early detection of cancer.

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Early Detection related publications from the University of Cambridge.

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Clinical Studies

Our researchers are involved in a number of clinical studies, translating research to patient benefit.

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