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Early Cancer Institute


Kar lab, Early Cancer Institute, Department of Oncology

The Kar lab at the Early Cancer Institute in the Department of Oncology invites applications from enthusiastic postdoctoral or master's level researchers with a strong quantitative background and statistical programming skills to join a UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowship-funded project. 

CLOSING DATE: 11th April 2023

Matt Hoare lab, Early Cancer Institute, Department of Oncology

Applications are invited for a Research Associate to join the group of Dr Matt Hoare who is interested in why patients with chronic liver disease develop liver cancer. This is an exciting opportunity to join a 5-year CRUK-funded project, based on previous findings from the group (Brunner et al, Nature, 2019; Ng et al, Nature, 2021) and will further define how acquired somatic mutations impact on liver disease progression, cancer risk and systemic metabolic dysfunction.
CLOSING DATE: 10 May 2023