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Early Cancer Institute


The International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED) is seeking applicants for a 4-year PhD programme in oncology/cancer early detection. Candidates should have relevant experience in early detection research, including but not limited to: biochemistry/molecular biology, computer science, engineering, epidemiology, public health, mathematics, medicine. ACED is committed to training the next generation of early detection scientists providing a multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional approach to training.

Department of Oncology and AstraZeneca Discovery Centre

Applications are invited for 4-year PhD studentship based in the Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge and the new AstraZeneca Discovery Centre at Cambridge. The student will be working on a collaborative project entitled DNA damage and androgen pathway inhibition in prostate cancer, which will explore the interplay between these two pathways, at the intersect of cutting edge biological, translational and clinical research.
CLOSING DATE: 6 October 2023