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Early Cancer Institute

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The BEST 2 trial is a case control study aimed to investigate the safety and accuracy of Capsule sponge as a screening test to identify Barrett’s oesophagus and surveillance test to monitor patients with known Barrett’s oesophagus. In this study we are investigating new molecular biomarkers to refine the performance characteristics of Capsule Sponge test for Barrett's oesophagus (BE) and related early neoplasia.

The primary objectives of the study are:

1. Performance and safety characteristics of the Capsule sponge test

2. Effectiveness of the Capsule sponge for diagnosing Barretts oesophagus compared with endoscopy, including specificity (from controls) and sensitivity (from cases).

3. For patients with BE, the ability of Capsule sponge biomarkers to risk stratify patients, according to their future cancer risk, in comparison with the dysplasia grade obtained from endoscopic biopsies.

Chief Investigator: Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald

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