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Early Cancer Institute


Current early detection funding opportunities from the Early Cancer Institute or other relevant funding streams are listed below:

ACED Early Career Pathway Awards

ACED Early Career Pathway Awards act as a springboard for early-career researchers establishing independence by providing funding to enhance their training opportunities and develop exciting collaborative research with the potential to drive forward a transformational change in cancer early detection.

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ACED Skills Exchange and Development Travel Awards

These awards enable ACED Researchers and PhD students to visit another ACED Member Centre for knowledge exchange, to learn or impart a key skill or technique, and to sow the seeds for future research collaborations.

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AI for Research and Innovation funding call

AP SCI (Accelerate Programme for Scientific Discovery) are offering small grants for Cambridge University researchers pursuing innovative applications of AI in research or real-world contexts including research, events, workshops, teaching, or software development, with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration.


Submission deadline: 17:00 on Wednesday 18 September 2024

Funding Amount: up to £25,000

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