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Early Cancer Institute


The ACED Clinic Cambridge is part of the Cambridge ACED Member Centre. The clinic is hosted in the NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility at Cambridge University Hospital, and its mission is to provide world-leading resources and facilities for members of the International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED) to conduct first-in-human clinical trials of new approaches to early cancer detection.

You can find out more about the ACED Clinic Cambridge and the trials they are supporting on our ACED Cambridge page.

Contact the ACED Clinic Cambridge team at

ACED Cambridge Programme Manager

Dr Bridget Bannerman


ACED Clinical Research Team 

Dr Ines Modolell

Clinical Lead

Alice Groves

Clinical Coordinator

Tracy Cook

Research Nurse

Graham Kibble

Research Nurse

Christine Loreno

Research Nurse

Adam Palmer

Data Manager

Sarah Leith Russell

Clinic Administrator / Booking Clerk

Leah Ngala

Research Laboratory Technician

Miguel Sanchez Gomez

Clinic Administrator