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Early Cancer Institute


We are delighted to announce that two new eminent scientists have joined the Early Cancer Institute Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

Joellen Schildkraut

is a cancer epidemiologist and the Jules and Uldeen Terry Distinguished Professor of Women’s Health in the Department of Epidemiology in the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

Part of her research focus is on familial cancer and in particular the genetic relationship between breast and ovairan cancers. Joellen was one of the first epidemiologists to understand and promote the concept that histological and molecular subtypes of cancer may have distinct etiologies. Her major contributions have been made to the understanding of traditional epidemiologic risk factors and the genetic and molecular subtypes of ovarian cancer.

Dan Landau

is Associate Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine and a Core Member of the New York Genome Center. He is an oncologist whose long-term goal is to develop novel approaches to address cancer evolution as a central obstacle to cure. Dr. Landau has made seminal contributions to our understanding of cancer biology, developing novel genomics approaches to integrate genetic and non-genetic determinants of cancer evolution. He has also pioneered innovative genomics technologies for the study of cancer evolution, including for liquid biopsy treatment monitoring.

The new members bring an international element to the SAB, whose remit is to advise on the strategic relevance and future direction of the Early Cancer Institute, as well as to provide critical and constructive input into our scientific and translational progress and major decision making.

Director Rebecca Fitzgerald commented: “With this additional expertise that Dan and Joellen bring to the SAB, alongside the existing eminent board members, the Early Cancer Institute is in an excellent position to move forward and achieve its goals.”