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Early Cancer Institute

Rebecca Fitzgerald, photo credit David Vintiner

Photo Credit David Vintiner

World-renowned Cambridge scientists, including Professors Rebecca Fitzgerald and Serena Nik-Zainal, both from the Early Cancer Institute, have joined forces with Cancer Research UK to call on philanthropists to help overcome the disease.

CRUK has today launched 'More Research, Less Cancer', a campaign that calls on high-value donors and philanthropists to raise £400m to tackle the disease, making it the largest ever philanthropic campaign by a UK charity.

Cambridge research leaders are among a coalition of the world’s most renowned cancer researchers, including three Nobel Prize winners, that has penned an open ‘letter to the world’ in which they argue that cancer is a “defining health issue of our time” that requires a united and collective worldwide response on a par with COVID-19.

Campaign Film

The More Research, Less Cancer campaign film can be seen below and features Early Cancer Institute Director Professor Fitzgerald and Group Leader Professor Nik-Zainal. Introduced by BBC journalist Victoria Derbyshire, the inspiring film brings together key figures in the cancer research community, united by their passion to progress life-saving research.  

The campaign comes as Cancer Research UK’s latest analysis reveals around 110,000 deaths could be avoided in the UK alone, over the next two decades, if cancer mortality rates are reduced by 15% by 2040. 

For the full story about the Cambridge scientists backing the call for urgent investment please visit CRUK Cambridge Centre.

Read the full 'Letter to the World' and list of signatories

To find out more about the More Research, Less Cancer campaign, visit