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Early Cancer Institute

Cell Reports Methods

We are delighted to report that Dr John Lizhe Zhuang and collaborators at OHSU have published a paper in Cell Reports Methods showing that a multiplex imaging approach, combining high-resolution immunofluorescence imaging (IF) with high-dimensional imaging mass cytometry (IMC) on the same tissue slide, results in an improved image dataset. This enables more accurate single-cell segmentation and larger image acquisition, leading to improved analysis, wider and more flexible application of the technology.   

IMC used alone only acquires a relatively small rectangle field of view at low resolution. The team combined it with IF in order to acquire a whole slide image at much higher image resolution, and applied the approach to different stages of oesophageal adenocarcinoma including precancerous Barrett’s oesophagus, and found they were able to identify the single-cell pathology via reconstruction of the whole-slide image IMC images, demonstrating the advantage of the dual-modality imaging strategy.

Progressing from this, the team continues to work on multiplex imaging to predict the progression of Barrett’s oesophagus.

The University of Cambridge and OHSU are both members of ACED, CRUK’s international alliance for early cancer detection.

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