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Early Cancer Institute

Prof Xin Wei Wang

The Early Cancer Institute Annual Symposium took place on Thursday 14th September at the CRUK Cambridge Institute. Participants included scientists, clinicians and industry representatives from across Cambridge and further afield. It was wonderful to welcome so many people from a broad range of disciplines, with a common interest in early detection of cancer.

Institute Director, Rebecca Fitzgerald, emphasised the importance of early detection and how the Institute is tackling the biggest challenges. She highlighted some of the exciting collaborative projects that researchers are part of, the ACED Cohort bioresource and a new research fellowship in memory of group leader Charlie Massie.

Professor Fitzgerald also introduced the Institute’s newest group leaders, who gave short talks on their research and future projects.

We were honoured to have Prof Xin Wei Wang of the Center for Cancer Research at the National Cancer Institute, USA as our first keynote speaker, whose presentation explored the challenges and opportunities in early detection and risk prediction of liver cancer.

Our second keynote speaker was Prof Roísín Owens, Professor of Bioelectronics at the University of Cambridge. Her fascinating talk showed some of the latest bioelectronic technology that can be used to model and detect early stages of cancer in vitro.

The range of presentations from different research areas shows that making progress to detect cancer earlier must be a multidisciplinary effort.

The symposium finished with further discussion and networking with drinks.

Dr Daniel Muñoz Espín and Dr Alex Frankell

Symposium speakers and chairs

Guests enjoyed networking

Thanks for attending!