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Early Cancer Institute

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The International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED) proudly presents its first symposium on patient advocacy in research. We hope this session will provide an opportunity to learn from patient advocates and experienced researchers how the involvement of patients and public advocates can improve both the quality and relevance of research, and can help researchers to better understand and articulate the benefits their work can have for cancer patients.

The virtual session will feature a keynote speech from Dr. Christian Von Wagner. For more information, including the full agenda and speaker biographies, please view the brochure.

All are welcome to attend this session to learn more about patient involvement and advocacy from our ACED researchers.


  • Introduction by Prof. Rebecca Fitzgerald, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Keynote speech from Dr. Christian Von Wagner, University College London, UK
  • ELECTRIC: Early Detection of Hereditary Renal Cancer from Dr. Emma Woodward, University of Manchester, UK
  • UK and US Patient and Advocate Introductions
  • REPRESENT: A Community Engagement Roadmap to Improve Participant Representation in Cancer Research Early Detection from Dr. Ignacia Arteaga, University of Cambridge, UK, and Dr. Jackilen Shannon, Oregon Health & Science University, US
  • Panel Discussion: Chaired by Prof. Robert Bristow, The University of Manchester, UK

The International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED)

The International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED) is a £55 million partnership between Cancer Research UK, the Canary Center at Stanford University, the University of Cambridge, the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU, University College London and the University of Manchester.

We are uniting world leading researchers to tackle the biggest challenges in early detection, an important area of unmet clinical need. Scientists in the Alliance are working together at the forefront of technological innovation to translate research into realistic ways to improve cancer diagnosis, which can be implemented into health systems and meaningfully benefit people with cancer.


We hope you will join us for this opportunity to learn more about patient and public advocacy and how to best implement it in research from the ACED network.

To register for this session please visit:

More information, agenda and biographies can be found in the Programme Brochure.

Tuesday, 13 December, 2022 - 17:00 to 19:00
Event location: