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Early Cancer Institute

Photograph of Dr Massimiliano di Pietro

Congratulations to Clinician Scientist Dr Massimiliano di Pietro who has been promoted to Principal Research Associate. Massi’s research centres around early detection of upper gastro-intestinal cancer, with particular focus on oesophageal and stomach (gastric) cancers and risk stratification of patients with Barrett's oesophagus. He is looking into novel imaging modalities and clinical utility of molecular biomarkers.

Massi’s research on stomach cancer focuses on early detection in patients with hereditary diffuse gastric cancer,  a rare condition due to a faulty gene inherited from one of the parents. Due to it being uncommon, few doctors are experienced at diagnosing it at an early stage during endoscopic examination.

Massi is using artificial intelligence to address this. He explains: "By harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence and developing new AI models, we aim to improve the examinations by endoscopists and identify signet ring cell carcinoma in its early stages.  

"Our goal is not just about technological advancement but a reimagining of early cancer detection. In the future more doctors could offer very accurate endoscopic examinations to allow early detection not only in people with genetic predisposition to stomach cancer but to everyone undergoing a diagnostic endoscopy.”

We offer Dr di Pietro our warmest congratulations on this richly deserved promotion.