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Early Cancer Institute


Gaining regulatory approval is a crucial step towards translating approaches to early detection. Understanding what this involves at an early stage allows you to plan ahead and develop a translational research strategy that makes efficient use of time and resources.

In November 2020, ACED Clinic Cambridge launched a regulatory advice service for ACED Members across the Alliance with an introductory virtual workshop. The materials from this workshop can be accessed here on the ACED Online Community.

Individual appointments for professional, project-specific regulatory advice are also available to ACED Members or designated representatives. This is provided by a network of consultants from Med Di Dia and Global Regulatory Services, with individuals being connected with a consultant who has experience in the relevant country/countries and technical domain. Please fill in this form to register your interest and book a consultation.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please contact our ACED Programme Manager Dr. Wendy Alderton.